Rose City Yarn Crawl Map

Use the Rose City Yarn Crawl Google Map below to find shops, explore nearby recommended restaurants, create your own itinerary, and print or download driving directions. While most shops are accessible by TriMet (Portland’s public transportation system), some are easier to visit by car. See individual shop pages for more details about specific shops, such as parking advice.

Some quick tips for using our map are below. Totally unfamiliar with Google Maps? Visit their Help site to discover new ways to navigate with their interactive mapping programs.

Map Icons

  • Red markers indicate participating shops.
  • Yellow coffee mugs show suggested stops for light snacks/coffee.
  • Yellow fork and knife show suggested places to get a yummy meal.
  • Yellow bags show ideas for non-knitting shopping.
  • Yellow hearts show good places for non-knitters to hangout.


Tool Bar Icons & Features

  • The four-cornered icon in the top right opens the map in a new tab in your web browser.
  • The three-pointed icon at the top right shares the map.
  • The vaguely-door-looking icon at the top left of the map toolbar opens the map sidebar.
  • In the sidebar, check or uncheck categories to show or hide them.
  • Under a category, click “… more” to expand and view all of a category’s listings.
  • Click an icon on the map or a name in the sidebar to see details in the sidebar.
  • In the sidebar detail view, click the right arrow icon to create directions, or the left arow to go back to the regular sidebar.