By Mary Mooney | The Oregonian/OregonLive, February 24, 2017

So you don’t know how to knit or crochet. You poor thing. Yet you know someone joining the hordes of crafters swarming the city for the Rose City Yarn Crawl and want to be nice. Good for you! Here’s a handy etiquette guide for the non-crafter:


  • “There’s no sales tax in Oregon, so you better stock up.”
  • “Every purchase you make during the Rose City Yarn Crawl helps a small local business. Good for you for helping the local economy!”
  • “Do you need help carrying your purchases? Why don’t I go along to carry stuff for you?”
  • “Are you sure you bought enough? Maybe you better buy more.”
  • “If you can’t decide which color to get, you should just get both.”
  • “I love your hat/scarf/sweater/shawl! Did you make it yourself?”
  • “Can you teach me to knit/crochet?”


  • “Why would you want to go to all those stores? Don’t they all have the same thing?” (They don’t.)
  • “Why would anyone knit socks? You can buy socks at Walmart for $2.” (Not the same thing. Trust us.)
  • “Do you really need all that yarn?” (Yes. Yes, we do.)
  • “Why would you knit a sweater when you can just buy one?” (Wear a handknit sweater and you’ll understand.)
  • “You’re knitting! Are you pregnant?” (A surprising number of nonknitters equate knitting with pregnancy. If you’re one of them, ask yourself: “Is it really wise for me to go up to a woman holding metal skewers and tell her, in essence, ‘You look fat’? Is that likely to end well for me?” Pro tip: It’s not, and it won’t.)
  • “When are you going to make me something?” (When we want to. And when we feel you deserve it. Alas, not everyone is knitworthy.)
  • “Only old ladies knit.” (Not even close. Men, women and children of all ages knit and crochet. Don’t believe it? Visit a yarn shop during the Rose City Yarn Crawl.)
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