Rose City Yarn Crawl Prizes

RCYC Prizes

In 2019, the Rose City Yarn Crawl was thrilled to offer participants the chance to win a variety of exciting prizes. Huge thanks go out to our many generous sponsors for supporting local yarn shops by contributing to these prizes!

Congratulations to this year’s winners! For privacy, only last initial is listed below. All winners have been notified.

Grand Prize Winners

Cassie H.
Rose S.
Nathan W.
Izetta G.
Mallory B.
Roberta T.


Shop Prize Winners


1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Melissa K.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Amy D.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Katherine G.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Kaitlyn D.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Nina A.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Karen B.

Close Knit

1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Staci H.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Teri K.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Wendy V.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Faustina A.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Katie L.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Hollie B.

Fiber Rhythm

1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Zephyr K.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Marcia E.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Kathryn B.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Lisa H.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Philip D.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Lisa R.

For Yarn’s Sake

1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Joan P.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Nathan J.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Judy D.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Artemio C.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Debbie H.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Teresa R.

Knitting Bee

1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Sarah B.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Mary M.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Cheryl W.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Becky O.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Dennise H.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Peggy A.

Knotty Lamb

1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Fredericka H.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Frankie H.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Amber K.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Amber Z.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Fran M.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Jan P.

Northwest Wools

1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Sara B.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Katherine S.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Erin Y.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Angela O.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Jan S.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Aidan E.

Pearl Fiber Arts

1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Kathy B.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Alexa S.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Kari T.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Paula J.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Shelli L.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Cheryl P.


1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Kris O.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Julius S.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Carrie W.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Lucinda B.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Nicole E.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Natascha T.


1st prize (Queen Bee Bucket) Linda J.
2nd prize (Binkwaffle bag) Jaymi C.
3rd prize (Kniterella bag) Jennifer J.
4th prize kit of Featured Pattern Pat W.
5th prize $50 Gift Certificate Jan T.
6th prize $25 Gift Certificate Sally J.

example of rcyc prize basket

Grand Prizes (6)

Visit ALL the participating shops, have your Passport stamped at each, and turn in a completed passport by the end of the Crawl (note that many shops close at 4pm on Sunday) for a chance to win one of 6 massive Grand Prize Baskets. No purchase necessary. Each of these baskets is overflowing with yarn, patterns, books, needles, notions, and goodies from our generous sponsors.

Shop Prizes (60)

Can’t make it to every shop? Not to worry! Each participating shop will have a six additional prizes that you can win simply by signing in at that shop – no purchase necessary. That’s 60 more chances to win if you visit all 10 participating shops! The following prizes will be awarded by random drawing at every participating shop after the completion of the Crawl.

First Prizes (10)

First Prizes are giant collections of goodies donated by our sponsors – yarn, patterns, notions – something for everyone. Lucky winners will find their prizes come in a sturdy, limited-edition canvas storage bin custom-made for the 2019 Rose City Yarn Crawl by Portland favorite Queen Bee Creations.

Second Prizes (10)

Second Prizes are another huge stockpile of yarn and much more in a gorgeous Large Dumpling Bag in new 2019 RCYC themed fabrics from our generous friends at Binkwaffle.

Third Prizes (10)

Third Prizes are yet another collection of fabulous goodies donated by the amazing companies who support the Rose City Yarn Crawl. It comes in a cute Kniterella bag donated by Oregon’s own Bryson Distributing.

Fourth Prizes (10)

Fourth Prizes are kits of that shop’s featured yarn and pattern.

Fifth Prizes (10)

Fifth Prizes are a $50 Gift Card to that shop.

Sixth Prizes (10)

Sixth Prizes are a $25 Gift Card to that shop.

In addition, many shops will have extra gifts, drawings, and door prizes. Check the shop pages for details.

Prize baskets shown here are examples only. Each prize basket is unique and contents vary.

Current employees of participating shops and their immediate family members are ineligible to win prizes at place of employment.

Due to their size and possible fragility, prizes do NOT include shipping. At their sole discretion, shops may (or may not) offer shipping for a fee.